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FloraTech Test Methods & AOCS Official Methods

Test Methods

Floratech uses the following test methods in determining product specifications. You can download a copy of the Floratech methods by clicking on the method number.
Jojoba Oil and Jojoba Ester Composition
Melting Point Determination � Fisher Johns
GC Method for Analysis of Floraesters IPJ
Particle Size Distribution Using US Std. Sieves
pH Determination


Dioxane Content

Microbial Contamination Assessment
Triglyceride Adulteration of Jojoba Oil
HPLC Method for Analysis of Jojoba Based Hydrolysates
TW55 (Modified) Rubine Dye Test

Brookfield Viscosity Determination


Peroxide Value Analysis of Floraesters K-20W Jojoba


Wax Dropping Point Determination Method


Appearance and Odor Inspection


Determination of Fatty Acids in Botanical Oils and Fats by Capillary Gas-Chromotography


Chromatic Method for Analysis of L22

AOCS Official Methods
Cc 10c-95
Specific Gravity
Cc 13e-92
Color Lovibond
Cc 1c-85
Calculated Iodine Value
Cd 1d-92
Iodine Value of Fats and Oils
Cd 3-25
Saponification Value

Cd 3c-91

Saponification Value

Cd 3d-63
Acid Value
Cd 8b-90
Peroxide Value
Cd 12b-92
Oil Stability Index (OSI)
Cd 13-60
Hydroxyl Value
Ci 2-91
Detection of Triglyceride Adulteration of Jojoba Oil
Ci 4-91
Acid Value, Jojoba Oil

Ja 10-87

Brookfield Viscosity

Td 1a-64
Color Gardner

Formulation Test Methods

Floratech uses the following test methods in various Marketing, Claims and Formulary documents.
APP09 Spreadability Testing
APP10 Slip Test for Liquid and Solid Materials
APP11 Foam Evaluation Methodologies
APP12 Clarity Determination
APP21 Zein Solubility Test Method
APP26 Product Occlusivity Testing
Hydrophile-Lipophile Balance System
Cc 7-25
Refractive Index

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